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Individual IP?

bart3k asked 1 year ago
Anybody know about the benefits of having your own IP for my new website, i.e. in terms of indexing, pagerank and serp?

Am just wondering as talked to my host today about different stuff and he said that for $2 a month i can get my own IP. Is it worth it?


5 Answers
remco answered 1 year ago
Yea, i would like to know too. Bump! :woohoo:

Webzcas answered 1 year ago
Definately worth it. If you have a shared IP – hundreds of sites could also have the same IP – depending on your host. If one of those sites participates in black/grey hat techniques it could adversely affect your own serps.

For $2 a month a worthwhile investment and a must have IMO.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I agree. Definitely.

casinosca answered 1 year ago
Another benefit is that the outgoing links are more valuable.

When you cross link sites on the same IP; some algorithms discount the weight of the links.

M.D answered 1 year ago
No one can prove that a distinct IP can bring a significant benefit… it all started as rumors and estimations.

On the other hand, What’s $2 to stop being worried about it?:happydanc