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Q2 vs Q3: Which Was More Profitable?

JillO asked 3 years ago
From a previous poll that we did a few months back… it seems as though the vast majority felt as though Q3 tends to be a slower month.

Just wanted to see if this held true for 2012. How did your Q2 & Q3 compare against one another? Do you think there were any particular factors that contributed to one quarter’s success over the other?

Looking forward to hearing what’s been going on for everyone over the past few months!

2 Answers
alexpratt answered 3 years ago
Q3 has been great for me but the vast majority of that has been in Sept – Talking to other affiliates as well their Septembers have been well above average

GamblingShares answered 3 years ago
3rd Quarter was the best so far .Hoping the fourth quarter surpasses them all