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Taking offers on Website PR3

monsterman asked 1 year ago
Taking offers on the sale of

Pronounced like “Casino”

We are entertaining offers on

Here are some of the noteworthy aspects of Casiknow:

1. It is written using PHP/MySQL.

2. It has it’s own web crawler that follows links on web pages, decides if
they are gaming related, saved the data and follows the links found on those
pages. Many “search engines” do not have a web crawler.

3. It has a unique indexer program that allows the web pages fetched by the
web crawler to be easily and efficiently displayed as search results based
on the keywords the user entered. Several aspects of the indexer and the
ranking algorithm is unique to Casiknow.

4. The PPC program comes with a unique type of click-fraud prevention method developed in-house. Advertisers can specify specific amounts of
money to bid per click or set a maximum bid to automatically beat there
competition until the amount they specified is reached.

5. The engine is entirely custom built.

1 Answers
bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
Looks good.