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Search Engine Feeds & SEO News Feeds

seoforumz asked 1 year ago
I recently posted about an SEO RSS Feeds list I am building. The list became so big and received so many page views that I decided to make it into its own site.

*Attention* If you are a search engine fiend, addict, or junkie DO NOT read this post as it may cause a craving.

search-engine-feeds-junkie.gif is a free information site dedicated to the search engine and search engine optimization industry along with related topics like link building, ppc, webmaster news and online marketing. SE Feeds is made up of all your favorite SEO site, blog and forum feeds broken down into categories and sub-categories for easy and simple navigation.

Search Engine Feeds allows it’s users to keep up to date and current with search engine industry news, trends, events and other happenings. Besides the news stories and articles there are also syndicated blog and forum threads with discussions or posts about all the recent and past SEO techniques and strategies that you may be curious to learn more on.