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How do you pick a keyword to optimize for

webber286 asked 1 year ago
I have a question regarding what makes up a good keyword and what does not. For instance if there is a keyword out there that Overture says gets about 1200 searches per month through their network, is that keyword worth the time to optimize for. I’m fairly new at this, so maybe 1200 is a good number of searches, maybe it sucks, I’m not really sure. I realize you have to take into account how many competitors are out there trying to optimize for the same word, but wondering if there is a sweet spot somewhere in the raw number of searches. Trying to figure out a cost-benefit when looking at different keywords to make a go at.
5 Answers
Cashino answered 1 year ago
Hi webber –


They offer tools that will help you to choose the best keywords for your site. You can either purchase a subscription or simply use the free trial as much as you like.

Good luck!

Hojalata answered 1 year ago
Thanks for telling us about that resource. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! I wish I could afford the full version, but maybe in time!

EyesCoffee answered 1 year ago
As always it depends on the ‘quality’ of the keyword. So for instance ‘100% casino bonus’ with 100 searches/month could be or probably is better than ‘casino’ with 200 searches/month.

Personally, use After I put the serach term in I multiply 6 by the number of searches/day from the wordtracker section (left column) to get a rough estimate of the monthly searches in Google.

So in your case, 1200 visits/month is 40/day. So that equates to roughly 240 visitors/month.

Cashino answered 1 year ago
Before getting too close to any particular keywords, you might better read this thread posted in another section:

I just saw it – yikes :wow:

webber286 answered 1 year ago
Thanks for the advice. Wordtracker seems to be very similar to what Web CEO and Web Postition Gold offer for keyword suggestion. I guess my question was more around if 1200 searches per month on Overture is worth the time to spend optimizing for (assuming a fairly light level of competition for the word). Was thinking to create a small website with decent content for a specific keyword.

Maybe the correct question is how many visitors would you expect to your site for a first page position if Overture says that 1200 searches are conducted for the term? Maybe 5-10%?