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Another PPC drops Online Gambling

Professor asked 1 year ago
I received the following email today:

Hi Louis

I am writing to inform you that BidClix has implemented a new policy regarding online gambling. We will no longer be accepting advertisements for sites permitting online gambling or promoting online or land based casinos.

Your ads will become inactive on Mar 15/05.

If you have funds on account with us, we will be happy to issue you a full refund. If you have other, non-gambling related, products or services that you would like to promote through BidClix then we will be happy to help you make adjustments to your campaign.

Lori Richter
BidClix – Advertising Marketplace

4 Answers
islandmaan answered 1 year ago
i had thought we had seen the last of this, this kinda sucks. Hey Lou did they do OK for you, for some reason I had stayed away from them but now cannot remember why.


Professor answered 1 year ago
I dont think they were worth bothering with over the last year.

When they first started they were ok then like almost every other PPC engine they took on hundreds of fraudulent affiliates and they went to hell.

Its no great loss but it underscores the current trend. At this rate I predict we will lose all PPC outlets by years end at the latest.

Dominique answered 1 year ago

promoting online or land based casinos.

I doubt it was the DOJ’s intention to include landbased casinos. If the Vegas crowd hears about this, they may go after him. :happy: answered 1 year ago would be the biggest PPC still accepting gambling bids. They get the majority of their traffic from parked domain names and have great fraud control. I highly recommend them.

Shoot me an email if anyone wants a direct contact.