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starting new account/kicked out of overture

asked 1 year ago
Hi all,

I’m needing to open another account at overture because I have had my account closed without the option to renew.

what happened is that I was changing over the one site I advertise on there, to another domain and then the old site I put up casino banners and I never got finished changing over the addresses because I was called away. And sure enough they caught me before I caught my mistake… meaning I had casino banners on a page advertised thru them.

Since I don’t expect them to give me a break, … and perhaps deservedly so,… since I broke the rules…. I’ve got to figure out a way back in there so I can advertise. I have several other irons in the fire which have nothing to do with gambling but it sounds like they’re going to suffer too.

can anybody tell me what I will likely need/not need to do in order to get another account going there, without them finding out its me: such as

I have two PCs in my home, using cable broad band. Do you think overture checks the IP addresses? and if so, is my IP address always going to be the same or can it be changed?

Or do I need to go to a friend’s house and open the new account from there?

thanks for any advice in advance.

3 Answers
Greek39 answered 1 year ago
The IP address thing. Without making things complicated I run three seperate lines into my place. One is DSL one possible way of changing my IP in a hurry if I have to is disconnect the line for around 30 min and reboot.

But you have two PCs why not get another line hook from a different company thus assigning a new IP. Plug one line in for one IP plug the other one in for another.

This chatter is a bit sensitive. This is one way of doing it without disrupting evertything else you have going under your current IP.

Also check your registry for any keys that may have been installed by overture. If you find any delete them. Companies just don’t always track IPs they also somtimes install Reg keys and other stuff for them to track. I would do a complete search on you PC.

webber286 answered 1 year ago
I doubt that Overture checks based on the IP, more likely they go by the email address or billing address. So, if you can use an alternate email along with an alternate payment method, you should be able to sign up with them again. You could also plead ignorance with them since it sounds like an honest mistake. If you are spending any kind of money on sites not related to gambling, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t at least listen to you and probably reinstate your account if you promise not to do it again.

kwblue answered 1 year ago
I would agree with Webber. Try ‘reasoning with’ them first. If that doesn’t work, I doubt they check emails but definitely remove any cookies.

I doubt you would have to go to the IP address extreme as there are too many people on DHCP these days and this could severely limit their income if they did that.

Worst case – sign up with your wife’s name (if you are married). Most likely, get a new email address like Webber said and sign up with a different CC (if needed).