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sub domains

casinotime asked 1 year ago
What are your views on subdomains? I am thinking MOSTLY SEO but i dont have much content to put but for the prupose of seo would it help having them even if the content is not mcuh ?


5 Answers
villa10 answered 1 year ago
A sub-domain is a different website for SE and SEO.
You may build a one page subdomain targeting a keyword niche and that’s OK.
The problem is that you have to think, in a new linking structure for the new address.

casinotime answered 1 year ago
cause i have 4 subdomains for one site but currently im reditecting to part of the http://www.maindomain .com site dealing with the subdomain topic. Not sure it would be worth the effort moving content….


Winner2008 answered 1 year ago
I do not use them. Unless you really know what you are doing, subdomains can do a lot of harm. Particularly on a new site.

elgoog answered 1 year ago
Welcome at CAP winner!

you are right…
dont use subdomains for SEO purposes only…
use them if you have different content wich needs its own website, and don’t interlink to much

alexross answered 1 year ago
some good advice here. amazing how many webmasters you encounter that don’t realise that each link to their subdomains from a page on their root domain counts as an outbound link..

sub d’s are quite valuable /useful in many ways- and in my experience it is easy to spread good PR to each, if you link to each of them from each page of each subdomain at the start of the markup html markup (e.g. in a navbar- you can of course position it wherever you want on the page using css)….

as the prev poster said, don’t go overboard with the crosslinking – as long as you are sensible you won’t get nabbed/flagged for what might appear to be link-farming – and you can enjoy a more organised site, and tasty seo benefits from having more extra relevant keywords in the url to each subdomain page (assuming your subs are semantically justified with the content you would expect given the subdomain name).

just my .10c