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Getting Listed in DMOZ

Randy asked 3 years ago
Some of the useful information in “that other DMOZ” thread got lost when it was archived, so I’m reposting some of it here. There’s another thread about the status of the original thread; if you want to discuss that situation, please do it in that thread instead of here. Also, I’d appreciate it if we not use this thread as a place to talk about how great or how awful DMOZ is–that’s not the topic. The topic is strategies for getting listed in DMOZ if you want to be in there.

To inquire about your submission status, you can do so here:

DMOZ Public Forum

I recommend reading the posting guidelines there thoroughly before posting your status request.

Submitting a Site to the Open Directory

ODP Site Selection Criteria

ODP Gambling Guidelines

Description of the Categtories and Sub-categories of Gambling in the ODP

Finally, a handy definition of unique, valuable content for anyone who is interested:

Unique means it isn’t available on any other websites.

Valuable means that it’s useful and/or helpful.

Also, don’t even bother submitting if your site doesn’t qualify according to those criteria, because it won’t be listed, and you really will be wasting your time.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who’s interested, and if anyone else has anything to share about actually getting listed in the Open Directory, this would be the right place.

Also, DMOZ is completely edited by volunteers. If you’re concerned about the quality of the diretory, then anyone can apply. Getting accepted to a gambling category initially is difficult, but getting accepted for a smaller category and getting additional permissions is a bit more achievable. If you’re interested in editing, apply for a tiny category and follow the directions for applying to DMOZ to the letter.

I’m an editor there, and I enjoy it very much. It’s satisfying work, and it’s interesting. (I do not edit in the gambling categories personally.)

And finally, a quote from Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”