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Should you consider outsourcing your SEO?

JillO asked 3 years ago
It’s a tough question- “Should I consider to outsource my SEO?” And, I’m not too sure it’s a one-size-fits-all answer.

Although SEO falls under the marketing umbrella, maintaining and growing SEO for your site does take quite a bit of technical knowledge- especially depending on what your goals are. Obviously, if you’re not too familiar with the nuances of SEO, or you feel like you’re banging your head on a wall with all of the effort that you’ve put into SEO campaigns for your site, then it’s fair to say that looking into a SEO consultant would be a smart idea.

Anyone care to share if they are currently outsourcing their SEO and what benefits they’re seeing from this? Or do you feel like outsourcing is not a smart idea?

1 Answers
itsblitz answered 3 years ago
it would be cool to get a recommended seo company/consultants list going here, the internet is full of cowboy seo firms, some of the websites iv seen from so called professional seo companies are laughable, im no where near an expert but iv done pretty well so far on my own