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Can High Page Ranks guarantee high rankings in the search engines?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)Can High Page Ranks guarantee high rankings in the search engines?
adspro24 asked 3 years ago
I noticed that sites with Google PR 0 or 1 have better ranking in the search engines than websites with a PR 3…



7 Answers
Play answered 3 years ago
From what I understand, page rank has no affect on serp ranking whatsoever.
But the higher the PR, the more weighted an outgoing link..

Lenny answered 3 years ago
Doubt it has any effect on Se listings. Has a site once at pr0 that was doing over 25k se hits a month. Site jumped to p3 then pr4 and traffic started dropping even thou, content addition and links pointing to the site kept increasing.

casinorecommender answered 3 years ago
the content richness and freshness do it all ! Nowadays Google gives importance to site speed also. So if you have a speed optimized site as well as rich, fresh and UNIQUE information on it which will be usefull for anybody and can be reached via your site only then you will sure be the KING !

scottpolk answered 3 years ago
PageRank (PR) is a calculated metric that part of a much larger part of the algorithm which deals with Popularity (note: the other two large areas of the algo are: Content & Architecture).

PR in itself is not the end all of rankings … as you can see from some of the replies above, PR doesn’t guarantee anything, but as much as I hate to admit it – it is a part of the algo – just as LocalRank and all the other sub-algos that look at link equity.

The other part is Toolbar PR is simply an average estimate of the true value of PageRank. I like to tell people that the TBPR is there simply to mess/confuse the minds of webmasters as they concentrate on it all the time. The PR displayed in the Toolbar updates a few+ times a year and is a metric to look at, but that is about it.

If you sit there and base all your decisions & strategy on it, you will probably get more and more confused.

Just sayin …

michaela26 answered 3 years ago
Page Rank is just one part of the algorithm. I’ve seen websites with a high Page Rank that aren’t even on the first page. It depends on a lot of other things, such as anchor text, trust rank, etc High Page Rank used to guarantee good search engine rankings, but that was a long time ago!

casinoseo answered 3 years ago

Thought I might come in and drop a few lines on PR and what it is all about.

I will have to disagree with what people are saying above, PR IS NOT PART OF THE ALGORITHM. It is not used nowadays.

PR, which stands for PageRank was created by Larry Page (hence the name PageRank). Think about it this way, Google will not invent a PR system of it own in order to decide who ranks for what and publicly display it.

PR is a simply a popularity factor. The more links and weight your website has, the higher the PR.

The rankings have nothing to do with PR. Yes a PR3 will technically be more popular than a PR1, but doesn’t mean anything in rankings. If the PR1 website has better anchored text, it will probably rank better.

Hope this helps

Shotgunpete answered 3 years ago
I always thought PR was a bit of a Red Herring. What will give you top listings in Google will be about 5-10 links to your site (for quality sites – not on a links page) with your keyword phrase as the linking words.

If you want your site to be top for “Plastic Bags” then you need people to link to you using “Plastic Bags”