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article syndication question

LandofOz asked 3 years ago
This is probably a dumb question, but I thought I’d ask it anyway. I know that it is bad to go from 10 link partners to 10,000 link partners overnight, BUT if you wrote an article and added your link at the bottom of the article, then submitted that article to an article publisher who syndicated your article onto 1000s of sites (with your link attached)…. is that a bad thing???
6 Answers
Dominique answered 3 years ago
Good question.

It likely won’t propagate all that fast, and I do think it’s basically a good idea.

Allowing others to use your articles for content and getting a link back is a super idea.

I don’t know about syndication – if the article appears in many unrelated websites and stays there it may not be so good.

Anyone have practical experience with this?

LandofOz answered 3 years ago
Thanks Dominique. Judging by the number of people who are doing this, I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s not all that bad, but I might set aside some time just to read about it and make sure.

peralis answered 3 years ago
Just make sure that you do not use the same article on your own site because this is the main reason so many people get penalised for duplicate content.

Dominique answered 3 years ago
I have purchased articles that were sold to others also – I make sure I have the right to alter the wording and I do so.

There are many ways to say the same thing, and it is always possible to have the same article look very different to a search engine.

This is of course only worth the trouble with real quality info articles.

peralis answered 3 years ago
Of course. But that would normally only be of interest to articles that you buy. Not the free types that require a link at the bottom.. These are then not the property of the person who places it on his/her site – so you would definitely need express permission to change the wording.

Paid for articles are not generally the problem.

Unfortunately, it is like that with google especially. It see all those sites with the same article as duplicate sites. Things like press releases etc.

So, should you wish to ersue this, make sure that you allow people to alter the wording of the articles and I would really suggest you do not use it on your own site, because many webmasters would take the time to change it.. and it would be bad to get penalised for duplicate content when it was yours – especially if you are looking to get an advantage for the links that you will receive.

Hope that all makes sense.

It is just that we have been dealing with duplicate content issues almost all year now.. sometimes it was stolen from our site.. but most of the time, it was as simple as a press release that 100’s of other sites also have.

Dominique answered 3 years ago
Good point about the press releases – I have to watch that!