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SEO tips shared in today’s webinar by SEO expert James Lowery

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)SEO tips shared in today’s webinar by SEO expert James Lowery
Warren asked 1 year ago
There were some fantastic SEO tips shared in today’s webinar with SEO expert James Lowery. Although the topic of the webinar was focused on the Google Panda update, James also graciously dove into a few other topics.

Some of the highlights:

  • Keep your site bounce rate under 50% as this is now an important ranking factor, even if you are not using Google Analytics, because Google will drop a cookie on a user’s machine and track how long they are on your site before hitting the back button to Google.
  • 301 redirect multiple pages of content around the same topic to one core page that contains high quality content around the main topic you are targeting. You can still target the long-tail keywords through specific mentions within the article / content (but do not keyword stuff).
  • Linkbuilding is still as important as it was before the Panda update, but now content that users actually want to read is a LOT more important to Google’s ranking algorithm

This was our best received webinar yet and lots of questions were asked. We’ll be posting the recording soon which contains a lot more valuable info than what I have posted above.

5 Answers
RTRmarketing answered 1 year ago
Hi there, I was unable to attend this webinar, when will the recording be posted up please?

Rak answered 1 year ago
Ditto on looking forward to the webinar being made available on the CAP site.

I recovering from food poisoning and flu.. messed me up! Sleep has been my friend.

Brooke answered 1 year ago

selivjames answered 1 year ago

Thanks for posting a link of the webinar. I have a quite knowledge of the Google panda but the webinar seems very useful as it gives so many latest updates which is very important for the SEO and the promotional activities.

JillO answered 1 year ago
So happy to hear you enjoyed the webinar!

On the subject of SEO, just this week we posted our most recent webinar on how to Defend Against Black Hat SEO Techniques with guest speakers Kay Schaefer of KSOM & Dave Naylor of Bronco.

Great webinar with very useful info, if you want to check it out HERE