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Search Terms Question

LandofOz asked 2 years ago
Is it technically wrong for a casino portal to rank well for a search term like casino, since the casino portal is not a casino? My argument is that a search result for the word casino should take the user to a casino and not to a casino portal. Could it be just a matter of time before google starts penalising sites that rank for technically inaccurate search terms?
5 Answers
ixian answered 2 years ago
Is a peanut not relevant to a peanut butter sandwich? :sarcasm:

elgoog answered 2 years ago
indeed, i think casino is related to a casino-portal

LandofOz answered 2 years ago
@ixian 142591 wrote:

Is a peanut not relevant to a peanut butter sandwich? :sarcasm:

I can’t argue with that <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
I view it from searcher’s pov. if I search for red wagons ….I’d rather find a site offering a variety of red wagon sellers than find just one …. and then its even better if that site offering the variety will tell me which of the group is cheapest … best built….. most likely not to rust (plastic for instance) ….

so to answer your question .. I think a casino portal has more right to be there than any one single casino.

Randy answered 2 years ago
I’ve seen Matt Cutts comment about this before, about how they can change a setting in the algorithm to show sites offering hotel reviews or sites that belong to individual hotels when someone searches for “hotels”. (The same logic would apply to the word “casino” or “banks” or any other term, I’d guess.)

I’d imagine they judge the quality of the user experience in a case by that by looking at the clickthrough ratio for portals vs. individual sites and lean toward the option that provides a better CTR.