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google pagerank update

alexross asked 1 year ago
How is everyone getting on with this?

It has ignored 4 of my sites and bumped one from pr3->4 (mysteriously it went from 4->3 last time with no alterations..)

google, gotta love `em. and hate `em.

6 Answers
Lenny answered 1 year ago
I had no changes on none of my sites yet

betprize answered 1 year ago
No PR changes for my sites either.

casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
I got a pr3 on my blog and a pr5 on one of my pr0s .My backlinks on one site went from 7 to 4610 .

casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
I have 19 websites , only 2 changes.I got a bad scare with one PR5 went to pr0 but next day it was back to pr5 LOL

tryme1 answered 1 year ago
No changes here either. I’ve got one site I’m sure will be a PR 5, which was launched in August and I really want to see some green for that one. Otherwise, I don’t much care about PageRank updates.

jagan answered 1 year ago
As per me there is PR update, I have seen page rank change for internal web pages. Some directories which were having same type of contents is given PR 0 by google! It means duplicate contents are punished!