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SEO & Social Media How-To Guide (for Affiliates)

JillO asked 2 years ago
As we learned from our webinar back in August with Scott Polk & Sarah Carling from ObsidianEdge, SEO & Social Media Marketing is inextricably connected. To have a successful go, it’s imperative that marketers utilize both channels in a combined effort.

(If you’re interested, you can view the webinar here: Experts teach how SEO & SMO create great backlinks)

With all the recent updates of the Google Panda 2.5, and the evolving channels of Social Media, we just launched a really great resource of information that provides a how-to guide for gambling affiliates to intertwine their SEO and Social Media efforts.

SEO and Social Media: A How-To Guide

A question that I see a lot is how are affiliates building communities to improve SEO and SMO reach?

1 Answers
Rak answered 2 years ago
With Google Panda and its changes to link values, I’ve targeted in getting my articles, and launches into social media networks – want those valuable one way links.

I tried it out with a virgin site, has it worked?

In 2 weeks.. I think so… I am being spidered constantly, my site is ranking higher in the engines for certain keyword every week.

And most importantly, I am getting traffic!