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#1 ranking with no keyword density at Yahoo

asked 3 years ago

I am checking the keyword “Internet Vegas” and using a keyword analyzer it tells me the density the current #1 ranking has; so I check the #1 and #2 spots and neither one comes up as barely even having the keywords on the page.

So how in the hell are these places holding top rankings?

* this is at Yahoo.

the keyword analyzer is at

and the page at yahoo is

so why are the top ranking sites not showing any density?

thanks in advance for your reply


3 Answers
Classics answered 3 years ago
Keyword density is a minor algorithm factor.

antoine answered 3 years ago
What’s on a page actually has very little to do with how well a website ranks. It’s why I laugh whenever someone claims that search engines care about content, and to build more content. This is propaganda by the search engines themselves. In truth. they dont care about content. You can have a website on coke and pepsi rank #1 under casinos if enough people link to your website calling it ‘casinos’

I thiink that’s been proven many times over. Looking up miserable failure on google and finding the president’s website comes to mind.


Kevin11 answered 3 years ago
Antoine makes a very good point. You can do very well with strong backlinks alone on Yahoo or Google.

Do a search in Yahoo for “gambling” and you will see that #2 spot is a pharmacy site with over 32000 links and no gambling related content whatsoever.

So, content does matter if you want to get ranked high with as few backlinks as possible, but you can still get great rankings for tough terms if you throw enough well anchored links at a site.

Sad, but true…

Kevin 11