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Panda 2.5 is now live

scottpolk asked 3 years ago
Google Panda USA Update 2.5

For a short while Google moved its Panda Focus onto the rest of the world and away from the USA. But now it’s gone back to where it all started. And it seems like rather a big update – cause we’ve found some quite some surprising changes in the new Google Panda 2.5 update.

this move hit quite a few big name sites in tech, auto and finance … this one may have more negative fallout than previously

6 Answers
Rak answered 3 years ago
Great article, but at the end of it.. and after the scary graphs… I gotta ask.. WTF is happening?

Get punished, rebuild, get punished again?

felku answered 3 years ago
I saw on other forums that a lot of good sites were hit and i also notice a lot of changes in a lot of kw that I’m targeting.

michaela26 answered 3 years ago
This Panda update was good for some of my sites, but I can’t understand why Google is doing so many of them? Its getting much harder to figure out how Google works, is this the reason behind all of these updates? To stop any one person from dominating the top positions? Glad I don’t have a home loan anymore, its getting much harder to be an affiliate lol

bradz21 answered 3 years ago
Yeah a few of our sites targeting U.S. have taken a big hit in the SERPS. Trying just about everything and I’m stumped at the moment. Any advise Gary or anyone?

scottpolk answered 3 years ago
It all depends on your site … there are many possible reason you may have been filtered in a Panda update. Panda(s) is about Links, Content and User Experience

casdirss answered 3 years ago
It seems each Panda update punishes a lot of people. Its hard to work out what to fix because Google seems to be getting more secretive about its updates. I guess the only way to know for sure is to do a lot of research, and maybe check out the top sites and see what’s working for them.