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google PR / ALGO update

alexross asked 1 year ago
it’s on.
I’m seeing new PR on new sites, but no change on old sites..
also the serp algo has changed somewhat FYI.
10 Answers
heimdall answered 1 year ago

Thanks for the headsup Alex, I’m not seeing much change on my sites yet, well apart from Google not being able to make it’s mind up about my site It’s really starting to annoy me now that for the term “high roller casinos” the rank goes up and down all the time, currently down at position 120 which is a joke, a very bad joke, considering the amount of quality content and inbound links I have compared to the majority of competitor sites. In my opinon, and also that of almost every other SE, it is frontpage top 5 but not Google. If it’s some sort of weird penalty on that search term then I just don’t know how to hell to get out of it, it’s very frustrating, especially after having forked out a fair amount of money to an SEO expert, (recommended by you, not that I’m blaming anyone here), to fix the problem.

alexross answered 1 year ago
@heimdall, yeh i saw ur other thread. I would be intrigued which “SEO EXPERT” you went with <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

did they do off-site seo or just on-site?

webber286 answered 1 year ago
Interesting, our PR changed a week ago and actually seem lined up properly finally, now some pages are back to where they were before that, while other pages are newly showing PR. Doesn’t quite line up now. Never can tell with Google.

rakebacknow answered 1 year ago
The next toolbar update should occur in a few days if google is keeping the new update frequency that has happened recently.

Gregger answered 1 year ago
Anyone seen anything? I have read that PRs update every two months or so. I haven’t seen any changes on my site or the sites I keep track of in 4 weeks exactly.

scottpolk answered 1 year ago
I am not aware of any toolbar update currently

bonustreak answered 1 year ago
Thanks for the heads up off to look at mine now.

thebookiesoffers answered 1 year ago
@Steve Smith 242131 wrote:

More links from higher quality websites will get you a higher rank.

Er, you have missed a huge word in that blazing statement and that is Relevancy

Rak answered 1 year ago
I dont know why but this Steve Smith user is opening threads which are 1-2 years old. Future spammer I think.

JillO answered 1 year ago
@Rak 242140 wrote:

I dont know why but this Steve Smith user is opening threads which are 1-2 years old. Future spammer I think.

Agreed. This is questionable forum activity, Steve Smith. I have sent you a PM. Please respond by this Wed. 7.11.12, or unfortunately we will need to put a hold on your account.