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SEO help

Hojalata asked 1 year ago
Hi everyone,
I am extremely new to SEO… and I’m wondering what the most important things are that I can do with my site in regards to SEO. I have added meta tags to all of my pages, and I have submitted my site using HelloEngines. These are 2 of the most basic things, I know. But I am sure there are other basic things that I need to do, that I do not know about.
BTW, what does “sandboxed” mean, from the other thread in this section?
Thanks for any help or tips!! I appreciate it,
2 Answers
Hojalata answered 1 year ago
Oh, also, I have trade links with maybe 10 people or so. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

webber286 answered 1 year ago
there are many issues involved in seo beyond meta tags…things like how you write your content and how you tag keywords within said content, and then where on the page the keywords are placed…how you name your sub-pages, how many links in and out of the page you have and how relevant those links are to your site…etc, etc,…expect to spend a large amount of time optimizing your site pages…

there are many other tips you can find on any number of sites on the web…and probably throughout this forum…i’m actually a born-again seo marketer…used to do it for clients back in the late 90s when it was pretty easy to get to the top of the rankings for altavista and such (pre-google)…and have recently come back to it to find a much more sophisticated set of variables that you have to be attentive to in order to be effectively ranked…

one program i found that has a lot of tools and is fairly easy to use is web ceo they have a free version of the software that works very well…btw, i have no affiliation with this company, just like using their tool and feel obligated to give them a few props…