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switching blog software

Dominique asked 1 year ago
I wonder what the seo repercussions of switching from pphp blogs to wordpress would be.

I would be taking all the previous blog posts with me, but they are indexed in google.

Transferred they will be in different folders that have to be named differently, and now we have everything dupe.

Redirecting from each old blog entry to the new version is a huge job, hundreds of redirects.

Opinions, questions, answers, comments?

2 Answers
kwblue answered 1 year ago
I can tell you that when I switched SlotsOnFire around and abandoned a bunch of URLS – Google promptly removed me from the SERPS and set me to PR 0 <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Not sure what else I could have done wrong by Google, but it happened during that time frame – so I always assumed that was the issue.

If I were to do it again – I would have set up .htaccess redirects from all old URLS.

Randy answered 1 year ago
Changing a massive number of URL’s on your site without 301 redirecting them to their new locations is a recipe for a Google disaster. Even with the redirects there will be a certain amount of time required for Google to find the new locations and reindex and rerank them.