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Find if your in the Sandbox

EyesCoffee asked 3 years ago
if you type your keywords in google followed by 13 -asdf it’s supposed to show the results excluding the sandbox filter.


online casino -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf


online poker -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf -asdf

It seems to bypass some sort of filter because my newer sites are showing up where I think they should. But my older sites are also showing up higher than what they normally do.

15 Answers
Kevin11 answered 3 years ago
You can also check out this nifty little tool:

Sandox Detection Tool

Classics answered 3 years ago
The asfd thing doesn’t work 100% of the time, but usually does. The results are generally much poorer using the thing, but it does shoot good sandboxed sites right up into the neighborhood they should be.

bangsfun answered 3 years ago
So, if you are in the sandbox for a keyword, but not others, how do you get out?

Kevin11 answered 3 years ago

So, if you are in the sandbox for a keyword, but not others, how do you get out?

all you can do is wait and hope Google lets you out in a few months.

Never heard of anyone beating the sandbox once you are in.

LasVegasLady answered 3 years ago
I checked a few of my other sites (not casino related).

They always used to be on the 1st page in Google.

Lately, who knows what happened to them.

That -asdf thing is amazing .. my sites come up number 2 or 3 for all my keywords.

Without using the -asdf .. nothing anywhere .. at least not on the first 3 pages.

So … what exactly does that mean ? ? ?
I also used the Sandbox tool .. it says “no sandbox factors apply”. blab.gif

Anonymous answered 3 years ago
I’m guessing from reading that the sand box is a penalty of some sort?

please elaborate. I’ve never heard of this before.

thanks in advance.


is there a way to avoid falling into the sandbox that is different than what I would assume is the obvious, which is don’t do any no-no SEO techniques.

or am i way, way off base?

EyesCoffee answered 3 years ago

I don’t know if it exists or not, but I do think there is some sort of penalty for newer sites. Rankings for a keyphrase that’s not too competitive – I have a top 5 positions in Yahoo&MSN Beta. Plus top5 positions for any allinX commands in google. Yet google doesn’t show me anywhere.

So where or not it exists is debatable, but there is definantly some sort of filter going around.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago
thanx Eyes!

Actually I think that sounds like the first smart thing Google has done that is a move towards common sense in respect to fair play, but I know its merely relevant results that they are after – but that said; I think its the best new rule, or algorythem or whatever; that they’ve added to their process of getting results for combatting these unethical websites from tainting the SE results.

Kevin11 answered 3 years ago
Googles reps at Webmasterworld conferene in Vegas Nov 2005 denied any such notion of a “sandbox”.

But, anyone who does SEO knows there is a filter in place and I think this filter is a pain in the ass for everyone and punishes both good sites and bad alike.

Some rogue webmasters have been able to trick the filter and generally speaking the good webmasters can’t or won’t beat it.

It seems to depend and apply to 2 major areas and only for somewhat competitive keyphrases:

1) Age of site
2) New backlinks to sites

So, if you have an older site and then go out and gather links too quickly, the site will be held in a filter (sandbox) for awhile before the value of these links is applied and your real ranking shows.

I have seen some sites being held out of the serps for well over a year and no sites of mine newer than fall 2004 are anywhere to be found in Google but are doing fine elsewhere.

This is an oversimplified generalization and there are always exceptions, but it seems to me that this is fairly accurate.

My opinion, Google sucks…lol

LasVegasLady answered 3 years ago
Kevin11 wrote:
My opinion, Google sucks…lol

Seems to be a popular consensus of opinion in a lot of the forums.

Google is no longer the leader.

Yahoo is taking over the lead once again, with MSN running second.

Couldn’t happen to a more arrogant bunch of twits!

They had a good thing going, but then it went to their heads.

They started thinking the Internet was their oyster.

arkRed”>Yahoo Rocks ! . . thumbs-up.gif . . . . . . . arkRed”>Google Sucks ! . . grimace.gif