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Google Update – Who else got hit??

itsblitz asked 2 years ago
The over optimised update went live yesterday (i believe) I noticed my main site jumped up for loads of good keywords and traffic has increased significantly in just 2 days, so i was feeling pretty happy with myself untill i saw one of my other sites that ranks great has taken a huge drop, hardly any of the internal pages rank for their exact page title, but this site is a little thin and i have perhaps over optimised in the way of internal linking with anchor text, title tags containing too many keywords etc..
What i noticed already and is also true with this site of mine thats been hit is that older pages are still ranking..and this is being talked about on the webmastersworld forum also, lots of old thin blog posts are ranking for top keywords in google at the moment, even a one page site i built just to link from is now ranking for a very good keyword (which i actually link out of the homepage with that exact keyword) . The genaral feeling among the seo guys is this update is a bit of a mess..One of my sites moved up a spot for a term and i noticed the site that was above me had dropped to the second page, the dropped site was very good quality…il stop myself there from rambling..what have you guys seen?