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Pages with PR but not indexed

villa10 asked 2 years ago
I can see in some of my sites , pages with some PR (2-3) but not indexed in G.
Someone with the same experience?
3 Answers
ntaus8 answered 2 years ago
Me. Google says I am not listed although I have PR. I have three sites and two of them are 3-4 years old. Also, I remember submitting both sites some years ago.

Not sure what to do about this.


Doolally answered 2 years ago
Me too. About half my pages have dropped from the index over the past few weeks although they still all have PR.

Somethings up with Google. I know other Webmasters that are having the same problem.

voodooman answered 2 years ago
Thats true, Doolally I experience the same thing–higher PR (almost doubled on all my pages–pages dropped, some still showing in SEPRs G is fed up