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Need a designed for poker skins

FPForum asked 1 year ago
I am looking to get a few poker skins created which I will be posting for member’s to download from my site. The poker skins must have my name/link on them somewhere in visible view..If you aren’t aware of what exactly a poker skin is I will try my best to explain it…If you play online poker you are aware of what the room looks like when you are sitting at the table, the designer will need to edit these images/create their own images and replace can see some examples at this site:

Here is what the designer would need to do:
Download the poker software
*I am looking for skins for the following site’s
*Party Poker ( CD Poker ( and Poker Stars (

All the images the designer will need are located in the /images/ would need to edit or replace these (basically so the poker table/room looks customized) not ALL of the images need to be customized, just the one’s that are showing while the player is actually sitting at the poker table (ie: not while they are at the cashier/main lobby)

That is it. when the job is complete you would only be sending me the /images/ folder. Please designer’s look into this and post your prices. I am not looking for who has the cheapest price – but who can get this done the quickest and nicest…Please post your prices/questions/comments

payment made via paypal or stormpay