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H1 & H2 tags

TOG asked 1 year ago
HI all,

We are in the process of doing some on page SEO for our sites and wondered if anyone could give a little overview and tips about how to use H1 & H2 tags.

Furthermore, I need some help adjusting the “format” of the H1 & H2 text to the text format, is this done in my CSS file?

Thank you in advance,

3 Answers
elgoog answered 1 year ago
in normal html you can use your best keywords in h1 or h2 at te top of the page
that works great

in css you can define how big the characters will be, but i dont know how searchbots look at this

Market Junction answered 1 year ago
In your CSS, add this:

H1 {

If you want the font to be 10px. You could also use something like: .8em.

If you want to adjust the H1 tag in a div id:

#dividname H1{
font-size: .7em;

You can also assign a “class” to a specific H1 tag if you rather do it individually.

To reduce the huge gap between header text and the next line, add something like this:


There’s no doubt that in time, a search engine like Google will start piecing everything together. However, just because you change your attributes on heading tags does not mean you are trying to fool the SE bots.

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
Although I am very selective in what I use for html for reasons I don’t care to mention. The followers of this techinque use h1-h6 at the beginnig of the page for example:Syntax:

Keyword in the Heading

, < H3>Keyword in the Heading, etc.

Apparently if you follow the crowd on this, search engines consider this to be crucial that your keyword appears in one of these headings. It will enhance your keyword weight.

Bare in mind, be cautious test it out on a dump page first, a page that is currentlty doing nothing. I have one page strictly for testing out these theories. Do not risk taking this advice on your index page until you are sure it works. There is alot of seo advice out there that just doesn’t work, this could be one of them. Plus all SE’s operate differently so attainning a perfect balance between all is the crucial part. greek39