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Do you gambling online?

jment asked 1 year ago
As a online casino affiliate, do you gambling at online casinos?:fencing:
29 Answers
jment answered 1 year ago
I also a land-based casino executive, very seldom to gambling online, but…
I earn few thousands affiliate’s commission last few months, and lost it in few days…:slapface: :slapface: :slapface:

Paul@BetUSA answered 1 year ago
Anything that involves racing – not just horses <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

nick777 answered 1 year ago
I was getting all preachy there for a while

The online casinos have what i call a “zap”, everything will be normal, then they zap you and you can just kiss your money goodbye, you will never win no matter how perfect you play

Just stay away

Join me in my annual Derby Day Massacre, it is a million times more exciting than playing blackjack, win or lose, you will remember it forever, unlike most of your blackjack hands you are dealt

My theory on betting on various sporting events…Where there is big money involved, there is big money to be made

Speaking of blackjack, when i was a young man, younger anyway, i’m barely over 30, just started betting when i was 12 years old, i picked up the “Bobby Singer System”, i don’t know if anybody is familiar with it, but it was pretty good, all mathematical probabilities for each hand and how to play them, now i have the system memorized, anyways, it guarantees you will win around 55% of the time, around there, may vary slightly from time to time, and it is 100% accurate, it delivers what it promises…it’s just a matter of if you want to sit at a blackjack table for hours playing 100’s of hands…Bobby’s magic numbers are genius, for example, the dealers average winning hand is 18.23, if the dealers up card is an ace, 10, face card, 9, and you have 18 or less, you should always hit, according to Bobby, “You were gonna lose anyway”, if you hit and go bust…if the dealer has a 4-5-6 showing, always attack, double down or split your cards if you can, or if you have a total of 13-14-15-16, just stand, the dealer will likely bust…etc, etc, you get the idea

I know of another system which is a bit more complicated, it involves card counting, memorizing, but if the casino uses more than 2 decks (which a lot do now) it is pointless, for example, you start with a number, then each time a face card is dealt you subtract 10 points, as the deck thins out you have a better idea of the probability of the next card and increase your bet accordingly. You keep the count in your head and when the deck is slightly stacked in your favour you increase your bet amount.

You see, that is how i know online casino games are rigged, i’ve played infinite amounts of blackjack live, and i know what to expect, so when the experience is different online i’m pretty sure that the random number generator is not so random.

FPForum answered 1 year ago
I play online occasionally..I prefer to play smaller stakes and at casinos I dont advertise for..

Bonusgeek answered 1 year ago
I usually do quite well with poker and with sports I do well if I can just get to the point where I don’t feel the need to bet every game. Your right Nick, it all boils down to discipline. I actually do outstanding in poker, but I like the action so much I just go into a casino and get my nose open every time. The point is I make money every month playing poker and sports and I just have to be strong enough not to play the online casinos. I can’t tell you how much money I have won with poker and sports betting, only to blow it in an online casino. My last go off was a real wake up call. I was playing BJ and was doing fair until I raised the bet 4X the amount and lost 13 out of 14 hands. Never again. I am going to take a break with the gambling. I don’t want to wake up 20 years from now wondering why I am broke. We all have the dead nutz in this biz and it is retarded to give it right back to the same places you make it from. With enough hard work this business should set me up for life and I need to remember what it was like to pull a 40hr week so I don’t make bad choices when I get a little fat. So it’s all good, I have a clear picture of what I need to do. If I just stick to poker and sports I will be fine. BTW good advice in your post Nick, perhaps we can play some poker in the future.

nick777 answered 1 year ago
I don’t know what kind of experience you have Bonusgeek, but after 20+ years of slashing i can tell you just be patient and selective, find something that makes you money and completely throw out everything else…i play one certain game of poker everyday almost, and in over the past year there have been very few days that i ended up down money, less than 10% of the time to be honest, all the other days i just add to my bankroll and cash out a few grand every month like clockwork, i almost never enter these multi thousand player dream chaser tourny’s, even though i’d like to sometimes, it’s called discipline, without it you will die broke, i didn’t have it before, but i have it now.

Some changes i made, maybe it will help you out

I never go to the track and slash every race like all the skids there do, and like i used to…now i bet only on the big races, maybe about 10-20 a year where the purse is over $1 million

I only bet meaningful games in soccer, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, etc…the 80+ game season in these sports is a total wash, i don’t touch em, unless i have a strong feeling about a certain game.

And my life, and cash flow is much better, i bet more money, less often, and win more money, whatever you bet, make sure you get value

I’ll give you a couple of examples of what i cashed recently

I had Pittsburgh winning the Super Bowl at 50-1 odds, placed in December after they lost to Cincy and their record was 7-5…that was not a lucky hit, i meant to do it, even though at the time i didn’t think they would win, like the bookies also thought, i saw value and bet it…i also had some other teams going, like Carolina at 50-1, etc…but it worked out good in the end…same with the NCAA, i had Florida to win at 34-1 odds, that was the only bet i made on the tourny, just before it started

In soccer i had Benfica at 170-1 odds and AC Milan at 40-1 odds to win the Champions League, they both lost, but they came close to winning and outplayed their odds

In these NHL playoffs i have money on 4 out of the 8 teams left, all at over 20-1 odds, New Jersey, Colorado, Carolina, San Jose…hopefully one of those will hit

I found that betting the futures market was so much more rewarding and less stressful, so i just hammer it and refrain from the tortures of being up and down like a yo-yo from betting every night

The point i am trying to make is that these things work for me, i love the action and always have, these little adjustments i made really worked out good for me, your adjustments might be totally different, but you gotta find your strength and eliminate your weakness, nobody can do that for you

Find discipline, take some Brazilian Ju-Jitsu or something, and be careful around your buddies, especially if they encourage you to go off constantly, or maybe they are go offs

I should also mention that being a good handicapper helps, but that comes with time, if you are perceptive over the years, you will get better, experience is important, you too can eat fine food, drive fine cars, and date fine women, stick with it, it’s worth it.

Seriously, it’s like making a website or anything else, the more you do it, the better you will get at it

Bonusgeek answered 1 year ago
webber286 wrote:
After being an affiliate, I can’t see how anyone would put money into online casino games (outside of research that is). When you see how few winners there are in your accounts, that kind of says it all. Do play some poker however, but I don’t see that as gambling.

Your exactly right. I have less than 1% of my players that cash out. Im not going to go into detail, but I have absolutely lost my shirt the past 6 months playing perfect strategy and I will never again lose another penny against a damn computer. Unless you do it for entertainment or research, then you are just throwing money out the window. What a fool I am for thinking I can win. Poker and sports are another matter but I am even going to regress with those as well. Time to get a grip and start appreciating the color green again.

TheGooner answered 1 year ago

I think that there is a definate distinction between poker (where you play other humans), sportsbooks (where skill is paramount) and casino play.

I agree with you 100% on Poker and Sportsbooks – it IS very possible for good players to win through both channels. But it takes skill, time, patience.

As for Casino – it’s much harder becuase the odds are factored to be slightly in the houses favour in all games. I guess it’s possible to be ahead medium term in casinos … but that takes skill, time, patience .. .and luck !!

And in the long term … luck seems to run out for casino players if they don’t cashout when ahead.

nick777 answered 1 year ago
“I don’t- gamblers never win, there are short term peaks but over time they don’t.”

Oh really, you care to put your money where your mouth is

I keep a list of all my transactions from various poker rooms and sportsbooks which proves otherwise, and i know of quite a few others too

In fairness though, i have never made a deposit at any online casino, and never will, i don’t believe in luck, i believe in skill and instinct, but i will play Blackjack only at land based casinos on occassion

When some of these casino software providers offer you your own branded casino that they guarantee will make you a certain amount of money over the course of time, there is really no reason for me to throw away money pulling slots, i know some people will cash out, but it’s pure luck.

And luck always changes

Betting sports and playing poker, the luck factor is minimal, when you make the correct play time after time, you will cash out in the long run.

fuze answered 1 year ago
I don’t- gamblers never win, there are short term peaks but over time they don’t.

Only gamble if it’s your game <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> Unless you’re doing it for entertainment or as part of a vacation with someone etc. and you have limits.

But I do download whatever I promote.