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June – easy pickings?

Dominique asked 2 years ago
How did you fare in June?

For me it was below average again…

25 Answers
metallian answered 2 years ago
My first month so have nothing to compare to, but earned about 10 times what I had hoped for, so I`?m the peachy one so far lol <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

(My hopes werent that high I must add)

bonusround answered 2 years ago
Now if ‘Average’ is bad, what do I say? <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Dominique answered 2 years ago
It’s still average, but feel free to rant.

You need to get outta that box you’re trapped in so you can think outside the box! :3eyes:

X-moss answered 2 years ago
June was ok, got a baby whale and i’m coming out from the big hole from May, hope July follows as well.

metallian answered 2 years ago
CAn someome explain the term “whale” ? I understand its a big player but are there criterias?

answered 2 years ago
@metallian 206321 wrote:

CAn someome explain the term “whale” ? I understand its a big player but are there criterias?

We had a similar discussion once before but can’t remember what the general concensus was although generally you will find everyone has a different interpretation.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
That’s an age old question and I think the answer as far as the affiliate is concerned, is in the eye of the beholder.

Would be nice to see some operators chime in on this one.

allfreechips answered 2 years ago
I was a little up, enough to break the average but not enough buy a house in costa rica lol.

metallian answered 2 years ago
I dont sriously mean that people should post their figures, I`m just so darned nosy lol <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

alexpratt answered 2 years ago
Doubt anyone will post what they earn – Just know that it ranges from 0 to hundreds of thousands a month – The latter is very rare but definitely acheivable.

The one thing I have learnt that nothing is instant and there is always something to learn every single day – Try and learn as much as possible from the forums, from your affiliate managers, my magazine :3eyes: and if you get to an event speak to as many affiliates/managers as possible attend as many sessions as you can and soak it all in – The trick is to listen, learn and then apply it

I have seen beginner affiliates go fulltime so many times now that I know it is very possible