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How much you spend to promote your site?

jment asked 1 year ago
How much you spend to promote your site in one month? If possible, let us know also how much you earn from your spend, and how many site you have?

Thanks for sharing, wish you have a great day!

9 Answers
voodooman answered 1 year ago
I spend 0 and earn about 3k

Integrity answered 1 year ago
I spend NOTHING and earn several times that in return… :notify:

That’s for my portals, though… APCW is run more like a business thatn a portal, so spend isn’t relevent to this pole.

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
Yes its actually true 0.00 is needed, this is the internet.

Integrity answered 1 year ago
For what it’s worth (if you really wanna know), back when I was new… and Google & Overture allowed gambling PPC’s… my spend was $2,500 to $4,000 a month. It helped me establish a player base pretty quickly.

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
greek39 wrote:
Yes its actually true 0.00 is needed, this is the internet.

0.00 is the minimum – agreed.
But 0.00 means that you rely on organic growth only.

Even a couple of hundred dollars a month allows you to expand your reach much faster IMO.

Boricua answered 1 year ago
The only thing I pay is for having articles done for mass submission. Other than that…$0.00 . I now strongly believe you should have patience in this niche.


Greek39 answered 1 year ago
Well if I concentated on attaining traffic for 0 dollars I can quarantee it would outstrip any paying program. But being that currently I have very little time on my hands I have not bothered yet.

I did concentrate on it for one month however and was very successful. My traffic went throught the roof.

I have mentioned this on occassion trying to persuade people to really understand the internet. Try and study it from the beginning it will pay dividends beyond your wildest imaginations. Nothing immoral about it, you will just process the know how. I still lack in a lots of areas and realize I will never know everything, but I spend alot of time on just learning, because I love it. Learning has been my passion since childhood.

They say knowledge is power and in this case its proving too be true. Article submission is one a great way of doing it. For this reason 0 dollars is needed.

I am currently not up and running as I should be because I am learning the things I don’t understand. greek39

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
I’e been building the site for 6 years, that’s patience.

I dont pay for traffic … but ..

I do hold monthly sports tipping competitions for prizes (which surely comes under advertising) to encourage the best and brightest punters to take part.

I do also pay my writers “beer money” for their unique content as well which ensures fresh match previews every day.

Of course I could do all this myself for 0.00 .. but frankly I value the 40+ extra hours a month at more than the small monetary value paid out.

There are FREE ways to do things … and there are better ways to do things. Do-it-youself is not ALWAYS the best.

jment answered 1 year ago
Thanks everybody. Have a nice day! :Nod: