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E-mail Conversions

Gregger asked 3 years ago
Reading the other e-mail marketing thread I think Alex nailed it on the head when he said it was a numbers game. I have done a bit of e-mail marketing and this is around what I typically saw.

E-mail list; 2,000
Open Rate; 20% = 400
Click Rate; 40% of that = 160
Sign Up Rate; 25% of that = 40
Deposit Rate; 10% of that = 4

So at the end of the day I am looking at a .2% conversion. But what I liked about looking at it this way, was I could set smaller goals. to make increases. Say I tried to increase the open rate by 5% and the click rate by another 10% and then with a little help of timing and promotions I could get the sign up rate up a tiny bit it would actually do quite a bit. Like this:

E-mail list; 2,000
Open Rate; 25% = 500
Click Rate; 50% of that = 250
Sign Up Rate; 30% of that = 75
Deposit Rate; 10% of that = 8

So you can see that with a little bit of focus on each of the areas the conversion rate actually doubled. This makes it easier to see exactly where the most work is needed, be it better Titles, conversion design or what I am actually promoting.

3 Answers
Popcrash answered 3 years ago
what software(or site) do you use for email marketing ?

Renee answered 3 years ago
Apart from being a numbers game, it also depends on if you are sending to a targeted list. Actually I would say this outranks the numbers because you will likely get a larger conversion rate by sending 10 emails to people who are online gamers compared to 2000 emails to people who don’t gamble online.

Gregger answered 3 years ago
I mainly use iContact but have played with some open source programs. Totally agree with you Renee about targeting. I would never buy a list of scraped e-mails, it isn’t worth the bandwidth to send the e-mails.