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Ineedhits Adds Exactseek Paid Inclusion Program To Its Search Engine Marketing Servic

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)Ineedhits Adds Exactseek Paid Inclusion Program To Its Search Engine Marketing Servic
Dominique asked 2 years ago

Ineedhits Adds Exactseek Paid Inclusion Program To Its Search Engine Marketing Services

Ineedhits, a world leader in search engine optimization, submissions and paid inclusion programs, incorporates’s innovative paid inclusion program into its service offerings.

Winnipeg, MB (PRWE November 29, 2004 — Ineedhits, a world leader in providing search engine optimization and submission services to small and medium-sized businesses for over eight years, today announced a strategic partnership with Jayde Online, Inc. an internet-focused publisher of email newsletters and developer of niche and general search engines.

The alliance incorporates the paid inclusion program provided by Jayde’s web search engine,, into service offerings. ExactSeek’s target market has been small to medium-sized web-based businesses that find it difficult to compete in the expensive pay-per-click arena. The affordable site inclusion service offered by ExactSeek has become increasingly popular since its launch last year and is expected to be well received by ineedhits 500,000 plus customers and subscribers.

ineedhits CEO, Jackie Shervington, stated, “We at ineedhits are very excited about extending our partnership with ExactSeek. We believe ExactSeek Featured Listings is an ideal product for small and medium sized businesses who want outstanding search engine exposure at very affordable prices. We also love the fact that it is extremely easy to start advertising with ExactSeek Featured Listings, so it’s great for customers who don’t want to spend a lot of time on managing their online advertising.”

“More and more people are looking for affordable alternatives to the big programs like Google Adwords and Overture Precision Match, and we are happy that ineedhits is able to offer one such alternative with ExactSeek Featured Listings.”

Since its foundation in 1996 ineedhits has built a solid customer base of over 500,000 customers and subscribers, 97% of which are located in the United States, UK and Canada.

At a time when other search engines are rushing to claim a piece of the pay-per-click revenue cow, ExactSeek has remained dedicated to propagating its vision of affordable site promotion through a hybrid paid inclusion system that provides advertisers with top 10 exposure at flat fee rates and that eliminates the hassle of competitive bidding and the concerns related to the growing problem of click fraud.

Jayde Online CEO, Mel Strocen, believes that, recent search engine trends notwithstanding, paid inclusion has enormous potential if implemented properly. “Pay-per-click is a concept biased in favor of deep pocket advertisers and heavily promoted by revenue hungry engines.”

Strocen stated. “The majority of online businesses are small to medium-sized enterprises and their primary need is affordable search engine exposure that delivers results. We believe the ExactSeek paid inclusion program offers exactly that. Our relationship with ineedhits dates back a number of years and we are pleased to have them partner with us in reaching this particular market.”

Jayde’s partnership with ineedhits follows quickly on the heels of its recent alliances with and

ineedhits, a pioneer in Search Engine Marketing, services over 500,000 customers and subscribers. Founded in 1996, ineedhits has provided search engine optimization and submission services to small and medium-sized businesses for over eight years. With over 90% of ineedhits’ customers located in the United States, the company itself is based in Perth, Western Australia and employs 30 staff. Partners include Yahoo! (Overture), Kanoodle, WhatUSeek, Net Applications and ExactSeek. ineedhits has received numerous awards including Deloitte Touche Fast 50 (2003 & 2004) and BRW Fast 100 (2002 & 2003).

More information about ExactSeek Featured Listings can be found at:

Contact Ineedhits:
Jackie Shervington, CEO
Tel: 61 8 9333 8210

Founded in 2001, ExactSeek is part of the Jayde Online Network of web sites, which includes,,, and Jayde Online Inc. has been internet-focused from its inception and primarily involved in the publication of email newsletters and the development of niche and general search engines with over 600,000+ registered site owners and 8.5 million monthly unique visitors. For more information, please visit our Web site at, or call 204.254.3035

Contact Information:
Mel Strocen
CEO, Jayde Online, Inc.