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Need more Advice

LasVegasLady asked 3 years ago
It’s me again … with yet another predicament …

In checking who is linking to me … I have discovered all kinds of people linking their tacky sites to mine.

Shit … these sites are selling everything from kumquats to grandma’s underwear.

Nothing at all to do with what my sites are about ! :madat:

What do I have to do to get these people to stop linking to my sites?

Do I have to e-mail each one of the 210 sites and tell them to remove my links?

I’m a little naive when it comes to this end of the business … why would they all want to link to my sites anyway?

Help ! ! !

8 Answers
Randy answered 3 years ago
People linking to you shouldn’t hurt your SERP’s. You can’t control who links to you.

Who YOU link to is a different story. “You are who you link to.”

Why are these folks linking to you, BTW?

LasVegasLady answered 3 years ago

Originally posted by Randy
Why are these folks linking to you, BTW?

I was hoping maybe you had some insight into that

I thought it may affect the relevance of my sites if a bunch of totally unrelated and unprofessional looking sites were linking to mine.

Not so I take it ?

Since you say … “You are who you link to” … maybe these sites are hoping it will make them look more credible by linking to some better sites ? ?

As long as they are not pulling my sites down in the gutter with theirs I guess it’s not a problem.

Not to worry you say ? OK … :bigsmile:

Dominique answered 3 years ago
I have some weird sites linking to me too. They do seem to send some visitors and I assume they just like to play and added the links for convenience.

Classics answered 3 years ago
” thought it may affect the relevance of my sites if a bunch of totally unrelated and unprofessional looking sites were linking to mine.”

Yes, this is not good if the degree is screwed up. If you had one link from a gambling site and 100 links from a skateboard site, that would hurt you in terms of a search engine understanding what you site is about. It is basically true that sites can’t hurt you, but this is a case where it can. For example, if no one else linked to your site, but 100 skateboard domains linked to you with the text “red fuzzy skateboards” you would definitely rank better for fuzzy skateboards than blackjack counting strategies.

Randy answered 3 years ago
I’ve done backlink searches on the site in your signature on Google and Yahoo, and it looks to me like your site has some nothing but on-topic sites linking to it. Where are you checking your backlinks? And is the site you’re asking about?

Are you getting this info from your referral logs? If so, my next question is, are you running a PPC campaign?

antoine answered 3 years ago
Well, maybe you could suggest they replace your sites with mine. I could really use additional links

LasVegasLady answered 3 years ago
Thanks everyone for the advice … <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Classics …

The text they are using to link to me seems to be on topic with my site … it’s just that their sites have absolutely nothing to do with what my site is about.

I guess from what everyone is saying here … that is not anything I should be concerned about.

Randy …

No … this is not in reference to the site in my signature … this involves a couple of my other niches.

A lot of people just have a links page on their site where they link to all kinds of stuff.

Some people have chosen … for whatever reason … to include some of my sites on their links pages.

I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered, or if it could hurt me to have these sites linking to me that have nothing at all to do with what the content of my site is about.

Randy answered 3 years ago
Maybe they think your sites offer valuable content and their visitors would find your sites useful? <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

If your ratio of unrelated sites linking to you IS out of whack, all you have to do is get more related sites linking to you in order to make your ratio more balanced.