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Dmoz and listing

sipka asked 1 year ago
I have just browsed through my site’s stats and saw that an editor from dmoz visited my site (I have submitted it to the directory). I have checked the directory but couldn’t find my site on the list.

My question is if anybody knows that is there an update period and later I can see my site, or should I say goodbye for the listing?

Also can I submit my site later (it is only a one-month-old site) or is it a spam to the directory? Is there any other requirements for getting into the directory? (I mean PR, or anything else..)

Thanks in advance <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

3 Answers
pokermonger answered 1 year ago
In my limited understanding, dmoz doesn’t care about how old your site is or your PR. They like sites with much content and little outbound links (aff banners). I think you can submit your site again later, but I wouldn’t submit it without changing it to some.

Randy answered 1 year ago
The best thing to do with DMOZ is to submit once to the best possible category, do your best to write a guidelines-compliant title and description, and then go to work building more content and links to your site. A DMOZ listing won’t make or break your site.

Guidelines for Suggesting a Site to DMOZ

DMOZ Gambling Site Guidelines

You might want to read both sets of guidelines above, as well as the description and guidelines for the category that you’re submitting to. Hope that helps.

sipka answered 1 year ago
Thank you very much! Great information you have! Thanks for the help!

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