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Users Ditch Firefox For IE

SEO News asked 3 years ago
In the most recent browser usage study, open source advocates cringe in horror as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) slaps down Firefox. Adding insult to injury, Safari also gained ground by nibbling on Firefox’s market share.

2 Answers
blackhawk answered 3 years ago
Scumware, viruses etc… seem to attack Microsoft products more than other brands.

Firefox works great for me. Add in the fact that I don’t get infected like I had been before (while using IE) lends me to believe that the authors of these predatory types of software may very well target Microsoft products BECAUSE it is the most popular.

word to the wise…..

webber286 answered 3 years ago
Guess I’m one of the few that just switched from Safari to Firefox. Mostly because the Google Toolbar can now be used on a Mac from Firefox. But FF is also quicker at building pages and does a nicer job at remembering login information. From a designers standpoint, what you see in FF translates directly to what you will see in IE, not entirely so with Safari.