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How was 2006?

Dominique asked 2 years ago
How did you do in 2006?

Did your business grow? Did it take a nose dive?

40 Answers
Greek39 answered 2 years ago
Awful to be honest. My own fault for not focusing on my own sites. I am hoping my earnings will go up for 2007.


misterDH answered 2 years ago
First and best year hehe :xmas:

Nauti Kitten answered 2 years ago
Started in April 2006, by August I was thinking next year will be much better and then came October 13th. Damn, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another. I’m still optimistic about 2007 despite the curve ball being thrown at me. Greek, save me a spot in the line just in case.

Greek39 answered 2 years ago
Oh come now am I the only on living on food stamps?


villa10 answered 2 years ago
In terms of website maturity, new knowledge in a hard industry, link partners and PR the year was fine.
In terms of a stable income I expect 2007 to be the year of the takeoff.

Big thanks to CAP. A lot of new resources and valuable partners.

Big thanks to BIGFISH for an important expense in links in my new and unknowledge site!!

AdminMikeBP answered 2 years ago
more then a excelent year:guitar:

heimdall answered 2 years ago
I had a good year, massive learning curve all the time but I’m finally starting to figure out how it all works. Traffic has been steadily going up although Google is slamming one of my sites at the moment 😡
Moneywise it’s ok but definitely a case of could do better.

Regarding forums I was considering setting one up on my site(s) but how much work is involved in maintaing it?

TheGooner answered 2 years ago
heimdall wrote:
Regarding forums I was considering setting one up on my site(s) but how much work is involved in maintaing it?

A lot more than you think at the start – as no-one wants to come and play in a ghost town. So you’ve gotta visit it every day – and reply to stuff and also generate new threads.

After a while when you’ve got a good member base it gets a lot easier – but there can still be a bit of moderating to do.

Overall I’d say half an hour a day should do it … but it need to be everyday (from someone).

Ignore your forum for a weke at the start – and you’ll lose peoples interst fast.

answered 2 years ago
Started well here, dived in the summer (as last year), then picked up to end on my best ever 3 months.

Greek39 answered 2 years ago
Thank you Gooner for taking the time to review my site. Your thoughts will help me out a great deal. I always wondered why things just weren’t converting despite good rankings and traffic. It makes perfect sense to me now.

I will be making huge changes starting today.

Thanks I owe ya one ! BTW I think you might have solved the yahoo problem as well.