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What is your Average Player Value?

Lupi asked 3 years ago
Do you calculate your Average Player Value at the end of each month? If so, please give a figure (across all casinos, if possible).

I do, for all casinos that I advertise. Even though there are statistical variations due to chance, time of year etc., it gives a general idea what kind of gamblers your marketing efforts have attracted: high-rollers, newbies…

– Lupi

6 Answers
ClarkePromotion answered 3 years ago
I answered for the value to the casino not the value to me, but looking at the other results I guess you were asking value to the affiliate (which doesn’t really make sense, since some affiliates are making 30% more commission then others so the results will be skewed)

Fergie answered 3 years ago
Those of you who put $400+ for average player value … what programs are you promoting? <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

denpubl answered 3 years ago
The small number of real players I have make this pretty easy to monitor….$800+ comm. each is just keeping me out of the peanut butter jar. Who? CasinoRewards and Referback are the best paying.<span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Auditor answered 3 years ago
The APCW has statisical information.

xgambler answered 3 years ago
Fergie wrote:
Those of you who put $400+ for average player value … what programs are you promoting? <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Both Wagershare and Referback are well over the $400 average for us… WAY OVER!

Referback is a little tough to convert, but they retain incredibly well. Wagershare has been good as far as conversions go, but incredible when it comes to extracting maximum player value.

Gambman1 answered 3 years ago
My best ones after sending 1000’s of players are partnerlogic way over $1000 in average.

Referback also okay over $500

Most other programs i have try are like 150-$500 in average.

Partnerlogic rocks I still have whales from many years ago playing intercasino:clapper:
they simply convert the best in long run , where other programs I have try seme always fade out.

I also haveing succes with vipcasino also partnerlogic.
I started slow with vip but now it is REALLY going good.:bigsmile:

I most say Referback have done much better lately compaire to last year
however this month semes be allot chargeback.

I am still looking for other good programs let me know
if you know any good longtime converters – they seme hard to find.