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Which casino software is most profitable for you?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhich casino software is most profitable for you?
Engineer asked 1 year ago
As a casino affiliate, which major software platform makes you the most money each month, on average?
24 Answers
fluid answered 1 year ago
CRYPTOLOGIC/ Intercasino is definitively, at 110%, the most profitable in my opinion.

weblight answered 1 year ago
Hello all,

We have been running Both CasinoEuro and Betsson for quite a while and player value never has been very good, alongside a remarkably long life cycle.

play4profits answered 1 year ago
An online casino has just removed the ZEROS from their roulette tables! If you want to know which one, you have to check out my post in the spam-a-rama section below…. :capmiami:

Needless to say, the ZEROS provide the casinos the EDGE to profit in the long run. Not any longer….:thumbsup:

aksana answered 1 year ago
I like Microgaming!

denpubl answered 1 year ago
mg: Since the Micro has such an overwhelming lead in “profit to us” does that mean their percentage of payback, overall, is lower? If you were going to play….to win…..yourself who would you use? (Don’t realy trust PWC results either)

xgambler answered 1 year ago
Not even close here – over 95% Microgaming. A few years ago they might have been 60-70%, but the Playtechs and RTGs just can’t keep up with the Micro earnings.

bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
Gambman1, bb1webs,Dominique,

Thank you, I really do appreciate your opinions. Casino traffic is really on the periphery for me so I don’t feel compelled to test them as hard.

The reason I have trust issues with Partnerlogic is that I threw in a VIP casino link which for some reason recieved a ton of clicks. After two weeks I checked my stats and it showed 0 ct and 0 signups.

I emailed support and asked them about the descrepency. They told me that there was something wrong with the VIP casino reporting — they were working on it — but that she could look it up on her end.

“At the moment I can see 2 downloads for you for this month, and 21
over since last February. We realise there is a problem with the VIP Stats
in that you can’t see the download information and this is with our technical team to be changed.”

The problem is that they were not even listed on my site at any time prior to that month so the stats for that month and all time should have been the same.

Why does all correspondance with them end with a reminder that I can have my players email them to request that I be given credit for them. What should I infer from that? To me thats an eyebrow raiser.

I have dropped their casinos, but still promote the bingo brand in a minor way since I haven’t had any player complaints – though I do know that they have a “use it or lose it” policy. They charge a $2/month ‘dormancy fee’ penalty on deposits which are left unplayed over 3 months.

Partnerlogic is at 2 strikes and 3 fouls as far as I am concerned. I can’t promote a brand if I am uneasy about the reporting and support.

Just my experience.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
This discussion is going to be an eternal one.


Because different programs just convert differently for different demographics. And affiliate sites attract all different demographics.

If a program didn’t convert for anyone it would die. It has to bring in money in order for the casino to maintain it.

So if you see a program that has been around for a long time it is converting for enough people to make it a worthwhile venture.

I never made much headway with partnerlogic myself until recently when I decided to give it some nice spots. It does very well now.

I follow two rules of thumb here:

There is no telling how a cetain program will do until one has tried it in different spots and with different promos.

What does not work for me today may work for me a few months from now.

So I cull what’s not working after I tested it out, and try it again with a different promo at a later date.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

NOBODY convert as good as partnerlogic in long run.

sorry to disagree Gam, (however I am jealous) but I do. Partnerlogic has sucked something terrible for me over the last 6 years.

I personally prefer the crypto software; and since my start, over 6 years ago; I’ve at different times during that stretch pushed both the partnerlogic and the focal point properties very, very hard …. and still to this day probably haven’t earned over the $2k mark with both programs put together.

I’ve won literally 10s of 1000s at Intercasino, but earned is another story.

judging them by the thought process of … well without giving away all my secrets (not secrets, but you’ll have to do your homework yourself if its that important to you) let me just say that I have spots where I can literally plug in any casino and know I will get results, although sometimes not as good as what I had expected.

These very spots have not done well when I plugged in the cryptos: and in fact that out right sucked big time in comparison to what i least expected.

I’m not sure I trust their stats

its hard to trust them when years of experience tells me that I should have been doing a ton better with them than what i have seen.

But to be fair – and that said; I have never been able to catch them cheating me … but it just blows my mind that I see posts like Gam’s and that if I can sell the other casinos with my writing (when they’re not my favorites) then I damn sure ought to be way out in front with the casinos which I know my preferences are going to come out in the writing.

I bet twice a month i start to write the IC aff manager with content that would have the jist of “hey if you’ll just stop screwing me so hard I’ll start sending you some really good players … but I gotta see a heck of a lot more than what I’m seeing now – because I’ve already made the first gesture of good faith; and it obviously was has been thrown back in my face via the once again poor freakin’ numbers I always see from your stats.

Its your turn to make the first gesture and that comes by …. showing me the money!”

<span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

belieeeeeeeve me! I have tried so hard to make it work with the cryptos because on top of everything else; I felt that they’d have the retention (like someone mentioned) … IF I could only get people to go in and try the damn place …. but the cold hard truth is they aren’t happening for me.

so before some of you newbies run out and load your site up with nothing by cryptos …

sending 1000s of players and NOBODY convert as good as partnerlogic in long run.

I have sent 1000s of players too; (not to cryptos however since they proved to be a waste of good traffic) and can say with as much confidence as Gam…. that they are some if not THE worst converters … and that in fact the few players I have ever managed to get signed with a crypto; have nearly all of them only played a few times and then they were gone. Focal kept them around playing but they just remained winners, month after month after month …

so who’s right? We both are; which is the point Krystall was making.

After reading Gam’s original post I felt compelled to come and tell a different story because I’d hate to see a newb come in and see the line “nobody converts as well” and decide to put all or too many of their eggs in the partnerlogic basket.

Because speaking from the pov of an affiliate: I am afraid they’d be very disappointed in a couple of weeks at the progress of their bottom line.


Gam is exactly right about testing. Best money you’ll ever spend though you may not know it at the time.

Gambman1 answered 1 year ago
You should do some testing

I have been promotion most of the big brands for years now sending 1000s of players and NOBODY convert as good as partnerlogic in long run.

I have huge whales from years ago that i still see playing every month and making very good money on.

The other programs i have try, most whales simply go away after 1-3 months.

In long run partnerlogic is simply the absolutely best!!!

I also really like they are on the stock marked.

If you have any concern about VIP casino the best thing do is test the programs and get 3-4 friends sign up.

I have done this on most programs i work with

If you know any other programs where whales stay in long run, please let me know – I have been looking for other program for long time where whales stay.