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Do you own shares of a publicly traded gamblingcompany?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysDo you own shares of a publicly traded gamblingcompany?
jonitas asked 3 years ago

Do you own shares of a gamblingcompany traded on the stock exchange?

It would match very well with our jobs (we would earn twice: receiving a comission and a dividend).
But untill now I don’t, as I find the shares overvalued.
It seems to me they all have very low bookvalues and high price/earnings.

If anyone knows how to evaluate a gamblingcompany it must be its affiliates, whose shares would you buy?



10 Answers
si answered 3 years ago
I think that while the PE’s are quite low – they’re still at least 5x annual profits. Don’t get me wrong that’s cheap as far as shares go but I’d rather sell my business at 5x annual profits than buy one (or a share of it) for that price.

If an affiliate had a bit of money they wanted to invest in the same industry they would probably be better off buying out a smaller affiliate’s account & sites.

if someone wants to offer me 5x annual profits for my affiliate accounts & sites just let me know.

TheGooner answered 3 years ago
A PE of 5x is low compared to most industries – but I think that Casino / Poker Rooms still have the potentially devestating US Interenet Gambling Ban looming large over them.

If it ever happened then many gambling companies go bust quickly … thus explaining the low P/E

casinoreports answered 3 years ago
I do not own casino shares (In fact, no shares at all since the Lernhout&Hauspie fiasco).

Besides the fact that it is a year too late now to get all the growth, I see four reasons not to invest in casino shares:

1. One day, offline casinos with extremely strong brands (MGM Grant, …) will be allowed to enter the market. I think they will dominate the market immediately and it is a threath to online-only casinos.

2. The already mentionned potential US Internet Gambling Ban. It seems sense to me (from a Las Vegas lobby and US government point of view) that US gambling will be banned or ‘unfacilitated’ (how do you say that?) untill Las Vegas casino’s take over the online business.

3. unethical but on the stock exchange. The negative image 888 can (will?) give to all the online casino’s out there on the stock exchanges could be big. Again, if I was part of the Bush Administration, I would love this situation; another reason to ban it all and let the Las Vegas buddies do it.

4. Diversification… If already a casino affiliate, why keep on investing in this business… your facing the same beta (measure of risk). Diversify… By the way, simply buy trackers of a world index, they go up 7% historically and it 95% of hedge funds do not succeed to beat such world tracker each year. Over a decade, almost none of the so called gurus will beat the market. That’s simply a financial fact, not just my opinion.

Anyway, good luck with your investments!

jonitas answered 3 years ago
Indeed, it’s not so good for diversification and has some risks, but if they weren’t valued that high I wouldn’t mather as it’s such a profitable industry.

btw: I didn’t notice you around before Casinoreports, welcome!
When do you expect to launch your site?

casinoreports answered 3 years ago
Hi Jonitas,

I am a business student (KULeuven) so right now is not the right time to launch the site <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I hope my first site will be launched by the end of august… In fact, it has to, because I’ll be on Socrates (student exchange program) in Hong Kong from september till december this year.

So, I am thinking of the concept now (and for a while already), will write content end of june till end of august, maintenance till december because of my foreign student experience, in january 2007 (because I will be free that month) another site or, most likely, a translation dutch => english.

These are the plans!

Btw, I noticed your site had PR3 already… how’s casino business evolving for you in Belgium?

Grtz, PJ

Simoneaton answered 3 years ago
With several companies currently going public now is a better time than any to get shares…

TheGooner answered 3 years ago
Certainly theres a greater of supply of shares with more companies going public .. but why does that make it a good time to buy?

We’re already seeing massive consolidation of properties … and buyouts.
There’s legislative risk and absolutely no barriers to new entrants …
Making it difficult to pick the likely winners in the next 12-18 months.

Reeks of the boom/bust to me …

Gambman1 answered 3 years ago
I have some PARTYPOKER and CRYPTOLOGIC and 888 stocks and few others also.
I do think it will be a very good long time investment

CRYPTOLOGIC semes really really undervalued right now and they have most of the income from Europe and that not efected by USA law- I have buy some more of these today.

Partypoker will also fly up when legal situation in USA has calm down.
Could also turn out as a very good invesment- but i am waiting litle longer buy more of these.

I am however thinking about selling my 888 i dont like all the bad news about 888 on this board efecting afflilates.

One good thing about having gaming stocks of firms you promote is, if you somehow send a huge whale that did not get tracked you still have stocks.
That makes me fell much better knowing that.:bigsmile:

dalster44 answered 3 years ago
Simoneaton wrote:
With several companies currently going public now is a better time than any to get shares…

Can you point me where a good place to buy these stocks are? I wouldn’t mind playing with them a bit.


Gambman1 answered 3 years ago
Cryptologic go up nearly 10% today so hope some of you followed my advise yesterday:santa2:
Its still total total undervalued and i think it will continue up for some time

I found this on cryptologics website how you can buy them:

How do I purchase CryptoLogic shares?
CryptoLogic stock can be purchased through any stockbroker.
CryptoLogic trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), under the symbol CRY, the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol CRYP, and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the symbol CRP.

Cryptologic suply software to intercasino/interpoker/Vip , william hill, sands and many more

Please note that another company could be listed with the symbol CRY. Therefore, any non-TSX listing containing the symbol CRY does not refer to CryptoLogic Inc.

On partygaming site you can see how one can buy partygaming