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October – how was it for you?

Dominique asked 1 year ago
How did October measure up?

Mine would have been above average if it wasn’t for lots of winners – so I voted above average.

8 Answers
robyroy answered 1 year ago
above average from to me too

Gregger answered 1 year ago
I saw a good amount of traffic all around. It seems like people are spending more time on the internet now that summer holidays are over and the amount of daylight is decreasing.

dfiocch answered 1 year ago
Quite good for me. A lot of “old players” but very low conversion rate!

online18casino answered 1 year ago
Best month I have ever had! Made $504 but its all from one player… And its all the money ive ever made, ever.. im still pretty new, but at least now I have faith that I can make money with this! pretty happy about that!!! but as far as traffic goes.. droped down a lot.

Poker Dude answered 1 year ago
Worst month in 4.5 years. I’d like to blame the health of the overall economy, but I see that I may be in the minority here.

metallian answered 1 year ago
I had decent numbers on players but the money was low.

mrxxx answered 1 year ago
ok my first money they i recive 18 € :clapper: total after 2 months i started ok is not big money but for the first 2 months i think is ok ?

Dendrite answered 1 year ago
Above average month, but that is due to me having trebled the traffic to my sites over the past year

Conversions are much lower than a year ago, even though I am now being found for much better keywords.

Retention of players has been good and many old players are coming back from a year ago

Also, like Dom, I am seeing many more players cashing out too…