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How does this site get PR7??

kwblue asked 3 years ago
Hey guys,

Searching out competetion today and noticed a site that has a PR7 in this industry, which seems to be highly irregular. Not only that, but check it out…. NO content!? What?? So, should I NOT create content now? :happydanc

It has one link pointing to their main site it looks like.

If anyone has a clue why, please fill me in.. privately if you wish.


16 Answers
vd752 answered 3 years ago
If you do a search you can see

FREE Online Slots and Video Poker!
Play 30+ FREE 3-reel and 5-reel slots! Exciting bonus games, prizes to win, just
click on a slot machine to play!

that this site was redirected to (301)
now has the same PR as
(for a sort period of time) because according to the google – it’s the same site.
I had some PR6 sites of this type in the past, it’s not a big deal.

mwack answered 3 years ago
Also, just a note: toolbar PR (the kind we can see) isn’t based on content, it’s purely based on links. Otherwise Google would have to slap its homepage from a PR10 to a PR2.

webber286 answered 3 years ago
They do seem to be the same site, but they are showing over 200 backlinks in Google and over 2,000 in Yahoo (which is closer to the real number). You would need to go through each of those links to find out why it is a PR7 (which I agree is quite irregular –or at least darn impressive– in this industry), they are likely linked somewhere to a PR8 or PR9, which is quite a feat in itself.

So much for the argument that PR is worthless, is ranked:

#1 for “online slots”
#9 for “video poker”
#2 for “free slots”
#8 for “slots”

And all of that with not that much content.

webber286 answered 3 years ago
One other observation, they don’t seem to be linking out to any link partners, meaning that they must be receiving most of their links as one-ways. This adds some validation to the theory that reciprocal linking is being devalued by Google. This is the thinking of SEOs after the Jagger update.

Dominique answered 3 years ago is a simslots site – very old I think and extremely popular.

axl answered 3 years ago
freeslots = simslots = they are one in the same!

What really sucks for their competitors anyways is that the sites rank for many keywords. I am pretty sure most engines/directories have guidelines against mirrors/copies/doorways etc. I would recommend that everyone complete a spam report because if we dont before long these sneaks will have all 10 positions!

IMHO 12spins should not be listed on any engine and only one of the other primary sites should be listed! Fill out your spam reports today!

Jimboau answered 3 years ago
I would not get hung up on the page rank. Page rank is like the most popular person in school. You want to be like them but really it gets you no where. Stick with what you know best. Develop more content.

kwblue answered 3 years ago
I could care less about their page rank.

However, they DO rank for very good keywords. THAT is important. Especially when they have next to no content to get them that honor.

My questions still remains. How?

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
I am not a big pr buff but site in question ranks high because of this simple equation:

PR(a)=PR(b)/links(b) + PR(c)/links…..PR(n)/links(n)

Page rank for a site is calculated using this formula. All linking pages divided by the number of links on each page. However just because you link to another site with a good pr and the site happens to have tons of links this is not valuable. The linking partners on my site I keep at 20 of so. I am pr4

For example; when exchanging links check out your linking patrners links. The less links the better it is for you to link. What I am trying to say probably goes against everything you know about pr. But its better to trade links with a person with few links on their link page. I have seen some sites with hundreds of links this I consider a bad practice. My site is only 5 months old and using some old school knowledge I figured this was the way to go.

But PR does bring people knocking but does nothing for serps. My quess would be the page ranks high because the site its’ linking to has very few recipricol links or the site has alot off inbound links. This would satisfy the equation above.

Consider this, Bank sites usually have a high pr and they are not swapping links. Instead the have alot of quality inbound links. If you got just one high quality inbound link from a pr 5-10 site you could basically take down all your link exchanges. pr1-pr4 according to google are unimportant sites. Just a theory, I hope its not to confusing. Greek39

webber286 answered 3 years ago
That’s pretty close to the way it is Greek. Essentially it all boils down to the links. Since Dom pointed out that this is a very old site…It is estimated that the age of a link matures and is worth more to you the 3rd year you have it pointing to you than the 3rd day, or 3rd week or 3rd month. Google is all about determining relevancy, so therefore the older the site, and the longer the links are pointing to it, the more relevant it is deemed to be. Google also looks at traffic patterns on the site (via their toolbar), so they measure how many pages people click on and how long the stay on the site. This all goes toward upping the relevancy and the SERP position. Also a good reason to have a lot of useful and updated content. This description has strayed a bit from PR, but it shows how they are dominating the SERPS for the words they are optimizing for.