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Getting Listed

Greendevil asked 1 year ago
How do i get my site listed on the web, inktomi had a really good program with a 48 hour inclusion but since they were bought by Overture the system is no longer in place. Anyone have suggestions? has anyone tried the MSN inclusion and will Google and Yahoo bots read those listings?
2 Answers
Randy answered 1 year ago
Get links from other sites, and Google and Yahoo will find you pretty quickly.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
You can also do it by hand. Or, I have used for years to start getting sites listed – it is very inexpensive and effective. Just use the premium submit service. Costs you $20 and they submit by hand.

But it is also worth your time to spend some time surfing and submitting wherever you find people allowing you to add to directories. There are a lot of small sites that offer listings for free. Don’t ask me where they are though – I have no idea. You just need to surf your subject matter and find what’s out there today. I haven’t done it in ages, but it helped get me off the ground.