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Im totally confused about changing PR?

mystysue asked 3 years ago
ok.. im lost.. this is one .. i just cant figure out.. so thought i would post here and see if anyone knows why this happens..

when i first started building the site i signed up at linkmetro to hellp build up a few links.. and get the site name out there..

and link request tend to roll in .. but alot are for non gaming sites.. etc..

so in last few days.. ive gotten a whole bunch of link request.. i went into my account.. to see what was up and see what i was gonna do with them.. and.. it said my site was a PR5 so i clicked on my link there and sure enuff on the google tool bar.. it said.. pr5 on the google tool bar at my site..

butttt when i go to my site by just typing in..
or go there.. thur a link from my forum.. it still says.. PR 0

any ideas why this happens.. and how a person finds what the real pr is on a site..

I know alot of you say.. it dont matter what the pr is.. except as a newbie out there.. its hard to get good links with a 0 pr..

.. thank in advance for you thoughts..


1 Answers
webber286 answered 3 years ago
I’m not familiar with how Link Metro works, but I do know that the Toolbar PR is not the real PR for your site. Google updates the real PR behind the scenes, but only updates the visual PR (what you see in the Google Toolbar) every 3 months. I’ve seen a couple of sites that try to estimate what your real PR should be, but I’m not sure how accurate they are. Here’s one you can look at: