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How currupt do you think DMOZ is?

justred asked 1 year ago

I am probably opening an old can of worms here but the DMOZ listings for gambling has largely decended into a farce. I applied 8 months ago to become an editor of one small category but was told there are already too many editors in the whole gambling category.

I have been watching it regularly and I am happy to reports that in six months, DMOZ have added…………wait for it………………….ONE site to the guides category. Wow, these editors must be working hard. And the quality of the sites there are sooooo good. My three year old is better at running a website then most of the clowns listed there (except of course for some of the folk that deserve to be there).

It’s a bloody joke. It just smells to bad.

8 Answers
Professor answered 1 year ago
I completely agree and if you look at the sites that ARE listed you will see its basically a small click of the SAME people. Of course if you state this a DMOZ editor will run in screaming and pulling their hair out about how noble and angelic they are. :1Dopey:

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
I am predicting DMOZ in the near future will lose creditability. I agree 100% that they are mickey mouse and it baffles me how major search engines rely on them so much. greek39

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I also agree that they have lost credibility.

I hope the SE will soon figure out how bad some of the DMOZ picks are.

islandmaan answered 1 year ago
Don’t get me going again on this subject, DMOZ is a mess. I am surprised you even see one new listing in the gaming catagory.


villa10 answered 1 year ago
Editors in all the commercial categories are competitors.
People deeply involved in monetary goals.

Maybe for non commercial sites they still deserve some credit.

mwack answered 1 year ago
It’s pretty bad. My main site got included and it was incredibly shocking to see.

Then I scrolled down and clicked on some of the others sites… have to wonder exactly what their criteria is these days.

Reverend answered 1 year ago
any response from them would have been nice :flush:

Total score
DMOZ – 1
Me – 0

seoforumz answered 1 year ago
You guys may like this site:

Saw this on SEW: Is DMOZ really that great?

And finally from a previous editor: Sorry, Can’t Help Any More People – Kicked out as Editor

Everyone is full of speculation, they are huge and run by humans, there are bound to be issues with the sudden growth of the directory and loss of many of its editors. Hopefully they recover, but it will probably take them being bought by someone else for that to happen.