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Google Killing SEO/Affiliate marketing

OBR asked 2 years ago
Google entering vertical marketing space (finance, gaming, travel) – is this the beginning of the end for affiliates and those of us relying on SEO for traffic.?
3 Answers
Dominique answered 2 years ago
Nice find.

I was aware of Google buying into Zynga. I hadn’t thought of the Zynga poker angle – that opens up not just a google issue, but a facebook games issue.

Facebook games are already giving our industry a run for the money. Favebook games pull in huge amunts of money. But they do it in small increments, and from millions of users. Farmville for instance has over 6 million users alone. All games from just Zynga together have some 250 million users.

I think social games have more of an impact on this industry than the economy and UIGEA combined.

Now Zynga poker is by far not the only gambling related social game, there are dozens. At this time, they don’t depend on any single user buying virtual items, but they get to spread it among millions of users.

They don’t buy adspace at all except within facebook. I am not sure if facebook forces them to stay local, or if it’s just not worth the trouble for them.

If they were to offer real gambling when UIGEA gets overturned – oh wow!

Yellow Cab answered 2 years ago
That is a good find and very interesting.

Seems like we affiliates are getting screwed by Google’s ways. It’s annoying working your butt of to get ranked #1 for a competitive keyword, then getting crapped on by Google/Google Crap Ad Words that pushes you basically down 2-4 spots. Sucks!

Colossal answered 2 years ago
Google does tend to target affiliate marketing specifically

Ideally they want to eliminate duplicate content and for sellers to buy directly from the middleman, thus eliminating the middleman’s cost, and benefiting the sellers and buyers