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Google Paid Link Reporting Form?

bradz21 asked 2 years ago
Hi everyone. I just noticed in Google Webmaster Tools that they have a form to report sites that buy links and sell links.

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Not that I’m one to purchase links, but I thought it was very interesting how they referred to “buy PageRank” and how it can affect the algorithm for ones website.

Has this been around for a while?


3 Answers
Marcelo answered 2 years ago
Brad, I have heard about it for a while.

There are claims that some big companies in the market are reporting their competitors, or buying links to them in other sites and reporting it.

Here is what Matt Cutts from google has to say about it:

“these reports aren’t being fed directly into algorithms, and are being used as the starting point rather than being used directly”

Also, “individual links can be discounted and sellers can lose their ability to pass on PageRank/anchortext/etc., which doesn’t allow site A to hurt site B”

You can read a detailed discussion about this theme here: Matt Cutts about paid links

Hope it helped.

sipka answered 2 years ago
A lot of concerns in that blog post’s comments – and some of them are really valid ones, I’m curious where the Google-world will go with this…

rmeeuwsen answered 2 years ago
Big brother where are you?

Yah sure, it’s only a “starting point”! :wink-wink

Goofy, shocking, humorous and frightening all at once.!