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Google Ban

joshac asked 1 year ago
Can a subpage get banned by Google but not the domain?

It’s just I was ranking well for a sub page on a particular Google search and today that ranking has gone from #4 to gone… Funny thing is my home page is still ranked for that search but at like #15 while before it had the sub page then the home page in the Google indented type result.

9 Answers
elgoog answered 1 year ago
if you search for
is that subpage still listed?
than its not banned, but penalized

joshac answered 1 year ago
It does show in site:

So its been penalized, I wonder why that page was, only thing I can think of is that it has that pokerfreerolls monitor script on it…

san answered 1 year ago
Hi! Can You show me your page with poker freerolls?

joshac answered 1 year ago
Its the tool from this site:

Pokerhunt answered 1 year ago
@joshac 130570 wrote:

Its the tool from this site:


If you figure this out please let me know – cannot see why you should get penalized for using our script…..

cyclone answered 1 year ago
If the page does have a penalty it could be because of some bad links pointing to it or something your doing wrong, give it a week or so and see if it returns before making changes.

joshac answered 1 year ago
I did a copyscape and found some dodgy search engine had ripped some of the pages text and linked to me… So i have edited the copied text and will see if that was the problem….

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
Interesting …
Of course we’ll never know for sure because your changes might simply be better than the old copy …

But if that dodgy directory link was the case then it really does fly in the face of everything that Google outlines regarding links TO YOUR site not being able to negatively impact …

Let us know how that works out Joshac

joshac answered 1 year ago
Ahh the sub page is back on the first page of Google…. so I believe it was the duplicate content from that dodgy search engine…