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Google UK

Randy asked 1 year ago
I have read that favors domains ending in in their search results.

Does anyone have any experience related to the accuracy of that?

4 Answers
Janet answered 1 year ago
yes, it does

Spearmaster answered 1 year ago
Depends – if the searcher allows the default settings, the results appear to be normal Google results. Only if the searcher selects “UK Sites” does it appear to make any difference – and even then the results are quite debatable.

Doolally answered 1 year ago
Being based in the UK myself, I would say that most people probably don’t click the “Sites from the UK button.”

One thing that I have noticed is that if you search any of the Google sites it tries to tailor the results from the country in which the search has been performed. At work, my machine is linked to a server in the US, and doing a search in, gives slightly different results than the same search at home.

I’ve also heard that Google would give a domain, say,, on a UK server more precedence than the same domain on a US based server if the search was done from the UK and vice-versa.

Janet answered 1 year ago
all true