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Why doesn´t my site get indexed by Google?

Waz asked 3 years ago
Anyone here know why my site Casinosidan doesn´t get indexed by google?
have asked a few other forums and they think it´s because i have many affiliatelinks:eek:
Can it be?

Please help me with this.

Professor ?

4 Answers
Classics answered 3 years ago has pagerank. Did you take the content that was there and move it to If so, that could easily have confused the bots into thinking they were mirrors and they will try to not index the second one until they figure out the first one isn’t there.

And how long has the site been up? You don’t have a ton of links to it, so a it could take a few weeks.

Also, your internal links point to change that to just

Waz answered 3 years ago
Yes I started with the and then got a real domain. But i have made a few huge changes on the site since then.

What can i do about this?
Shall i put the to rest?

Janet answered 3 years ago
do more link exchange

EyesCoffee answered 3 years ago
If is a free website do not put it to rest. Put a re-direct message in your tags to redirect all visitors to your new site. Otherwise your wasting potential new players.