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Get listed in DMOZ – what will it mean for my site?

misterDH asked 1 year ago
Hi, I just added my site to the DMOZ dir

but I read that it is almost impossible to get listed, but lets say I did, what will that mean to my site? Will I improve search engine listings alot? PageRank?


7 Answers
axl answered 1 year ago
Good luck you will need lots of it. I figure you have little if any chance of getting in; its controlled by mostly crooked people. If you do get lucky the benefits wont show for at least a few years and they wont be that substantial. People get way to caught up in trying to get in DMOZ, its really not worth the extra effort.

jagan answered 1 year ago

getting listed in dmoz help to build PR as well as improve the SERP’s results…. Dmoz provide data to Google Directory and many other nice web directories…………

So its too much helpfull to get site listed in Dmoz

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
I was listed about 6 months there as well as the google directory and i truely didnt get much out of it or loose much when they dropped me.

misterDH answered 1 year ago
Thanks! Well its controlled by 70,000 people or something so of cource its crooked people there… but mabye I am lucky and having a serious person reviewing my site…

answered 1 year ago
Some categories are well controlled, honest and useful. If you aimed at the Gambling “Guides” category however then you have no chance. It’s had 27 entries for over 2 years and is a closed book. The reason maybe that the editor has forgotten his/her password <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> Target well elsewhere though and it can be very useful resource.

Most DMOZ editors I have come across are decent honest people, but of course some slipped through the net. DMOZ is still worth having, though I imagine Wiki is now a reasonable competitor for authority ranking.

Javi answered 1 year ago
DMOZ is way to overrated.:rasberry: It doesn’t hurt to submit, but don’t expect to be accepted :dozing:

john867 answered 1 year ago
I agree, Dmoz is well overrated and is not worth the time. I had previously submitted 5 sites a few years ago and they are still in the awaiting approval queue.