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cat asked 3 years ago
What is your site cat?
9 Answers
Professor answered 3 years ago
I appears you are being penalized by Google. You are showing a PR 1 on sub pages and PR2 on your main index. Generally on a non penalized site of your age you should be a PR4. I would closely examine your “link partners”.

I am going to copy this thread down to the Search Engine Optimization area, I am sure you will get more feedback on this question down there.

Dominique answered 3 years ago
How long has it been around? Have you entered it in the search engines?

Dominique answered 3 years ago
I like the domain, but you sorely need some content.

cat answered 3 years ago
Links-Swapper said the PR of my site is 0.
How can I improve the PR of my site?

Your help is very appreciated.

cat answered 3 years ago
a year a so.

The site had 30 visitors / day in the best times.

Now 1 or 2 since a few days.

answered 3 years ago
Which page is Link Swapper referring to that is a PR 0? Because if the index page is 2 and the interior pages are 1 then Link Swapper is wrong.

Type in this command in the google search box:

This will show you some of the links pointing to your site. I say some because Google does not show all of them. Only you will know what other ones exist if you keep track of them. It use to be Google only showed PR4 back links with this command. Now, you’re seeing all kinds of them, and in my case, the best ones are not listed.

So typing in that command it shows 3 links. That is why your page rank is not higher. It doesn’t have anything to do with being penalized for linking to bad sites. Look at some of the search results. If the Google algorithm can’t keep the bad sites that are keyword stuffed, hidden text, etc. out of their search results how can they expect a webmaster to know any better when linking. Just stay away from the banned ones. Banned = a grey Google page rank bar. Low page rank = not enough links to your site and/or the sites-pages linking to you do not have a high page rank themselves. A white Google page rank bar, or “0” means the page is either new, not crawled yet by Google, or in the case of it being PR 0 on interior pages only, there is not enough page rank yet flowing into your site to flow into these pages.

More links and time will sove this.

cat answered 3 years ago
thanks for your feedback and advise.
I appreciate it.

Randy answered 3 years ago
Here’s another command to check inbound links. Go to and type in linkdomain:

The backlinks reported by Google are squirrelly at best right now.